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1. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Are you desperate to find out what will happen to you in the future?

2. Do you believe fortune-tellers?

3. How would you like your life to change?

4. Are you eager to apply for a new job?

5. Have you ever thought about changing your lifestyle/diet/job?

6. What will our world be like in 10/20/50 years’ time?

7. Do you expect the weather to change soon?

8. What would you like your children to be?

9. What do you expect your wife to cook today?

10. Do you expect your children to become world-famous?

2. Make up stories using the words.

Составьте короткие рассказы с данными словами.

A. beneficial, want smb. to cook, famous, to bake, thick, to fry, to boil, to apply for help, on the whole.

B. witness, matrimony, wedding dress, to declare, to persuade, to draw a conclusion, talented, as for me, she was eager to, she expected him to come.

C. what concerns, an awful lot of information, lawful act, to book, don’t expect them to.

D. token of love, to get married, he knew her to be, to be honest, chances are that, he saw her…, registrar.

3. Answer the questions. Pay attention to the use of different tenses

Ответьте на предложенныевопросы. Обратите внимание на использование различных грамматических времен.

4. Make up short stories using the verbs.

Составьте небольшие рассказы, используя глаголы в предложенных временах и формах.

5. Read the dialogue. Fill in the missing words.

Прочитайте диалог. Вставьте пропущенные слова.

eager, get, decided, look for, as, going, if, am, will

Julia: My last day at MAP Advertising.

James: What are you ………………… to do? Have you ……………….. yet?

Julia: Not really. I think I’ll go to Germany and ………………….. a job there. I hope I ……… doing the right thing.

James: Oh, you’ll be OK.

Julia: What about you, James? Where ……………… you be five years from now?

James: What a question! I’ll ……………….. married and have two children.

Julia: Really?

James: Of course not. ……………….. for me, I don’t know where I’ll be five years from now. I’m ………………. to stay in advertising as I like it. Will you get married?

Julia: Perhaps. …………………… I meet the right man, I’ll get married.

6. Match the questions to the appropriate answers.

Найдите подходящие по смыслу ответы.

Norman Stephens: registrar

7. Read this text.

Прочитайте текст.

John Kettley, the weather forecaster

John Kettley is a weather forecaster on TV. We wanted him to tell us about the way they receive the information about the weather.

He says that an awful lot of preparation goes on at their headquarters. All the information including ground-based observation, satellite information, radar pictures goes into the super-computer.

Their team of forecasters handle that information. And then they come to a conclusion for the next 24–48 hours or so.

As an example, John gives the weather forecast for the next few days. He starts up in the north. Tokyo: round about 18–19 degrees and missing most of the rain. Nagasaki, though, will get the rain; temperatures about 13 degrees. In China and Korea it is very warm too. Beijing: about 27 degrees, with most of the rain clearing away by the end of the week.

Over into India now, plenty of hot sunshine there, but with the showers in Sri-Lanka.

A. Retell the text

Перескажите текст

B. Ask five questions about the text

Задайте пять вопросов к тексту

C. Answer the questions

Ответьте на вопросы

1. Where do the forecasters prepare the information?

2. How do they receive this information?

3. Will it rain in Tokyo?

4. What will be the temperature in Nagasaki?

5. Will it be sunny in India?

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