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1. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

2. Do you go out at the weekend?

3. Are you learning now?

4. Do you like listening to music in your spare time?

5. What do your children enjoy doing in their spare time?

6. What is your wife/husband doing now?

7. How do you improve your health?

8. Do you go shopping at the weekend?

9. What do you hate doing at the weekend?

10. What books are you keen on reading?

2. Read these sentences. Underline the words from the Active Vocabulary.

Close your eyes.How many sentences can you recollect?

Прочитайте предложения и подчеркните новые слова урока.

Закройте глаза и постарайтесь вспомнить как можно больше из данных предложений.

1. I would like to live separately from my parents.

2. My guests are going to the wholesale market at this moment.

3. At the greengrocer’s they sell vegetables and fruit.

4. My wife’s friend is now buying medicine at the chemist’s.

5. They are bored with learning useful things.

6. Is she interested in riding a bicycle in her spare time?

7. She is going to the butcher’s now to buy beef and chicken.

8. Where do they sell towels and razors?

9. They are speaking about their hobby at this moment.

10. Would you like a piece of cake and a glass of milk?

3. Read the dialogues and try to learn them.

Прочитайте диалоги и постарайтесь их запомнить.

I At the newsagent’s

James: I’d like some envelopes. How much are they?

Shop assistant: These ones or those ones?

James: Those ones, please.

Shop assistant: Twenty pence each, sir.

James: I’d like three, please.

Shop assistant: Anything else?

James: Yes, please. Today’s newspaper.

Shop assistant: I’m sorry. We don’t sell newspapers.

II At the greengrocer’s

Denis: What do you sell in your shop?

Shop assistant: I sell fruit, vegetables, salads and flowers.

Denis: I see you have white grapes this morning. How much are they?

Shop assistant: Which ones? These? 1 pound a pound.

Denis: And those red ones?

Shop assistant: The same.

Denis: Right. I would like to buy a bunch of white grapes. Where do you get them?

Shop assistant: Just a minute. O.K. I go to the wholesale market every morning.

Denis: Oh. Can I have two oranges, please? I think that’s all.

Shop assistant: That’s all? That is 2 pounds twenty.

4. Complete the text with the words from the Word Box.

Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова.

whole useful separately keeps involved keen learn improve textiles

The Ahluwalia family come from India but now they live and work in London. They run a …………… family business. Their two generations are ………… on selling textiles. Their basic work is importing ………… from Japan, India, France.

The ………… family is interested in the business: the father, the mother, the mother’s sister, the mother’s brother, the brother’s wife. Their father generally …………… an eye on the whole business. The women want to get …………… into the business, too. They do the office work.

The family would like to ………… their work and try to find modern textiles. They always use modern equipment in their work.

The parents and their children live…………… Their last generation – their children – …………… at schools in London.

Try to retell the text.

Постарайтесь пересказать текст.

5. Give possible answers to the questions.

Дайте возможные ответы на вопросы.

1. What is your wife’s job?

2. Do your sister’s children study at school?

3. What is your daughters’ entertainment?

4. Do your friends’ parents work in a stressful environment?

5. Is their children’s health very important?

6. Are James’ friends keen on riding bicycles?

7. Is Alex’s gym very useful?

6. Make up a dialogue putting the sentences in the right order.

Составьте диалог, расположив предложения в логическом порядке. Инсценируйте диалог.

Yes, I am. Just a minute. Can’t you see? I am improving my health.

Yes, it can. When I am reading it, you don’t ask me to do anything. And it improves my health very much.

James, what are you doing?

A book «How to improve health».

I’m working.

Can it improve your health?

Are you working?

Oh, really? Then I’d like to read it, too. And you go to the wholesale market and buy food. O.K.?

And what are you reading?

No, not O.K. I’m sleeping now.

7. Read this text.

Прочитайте текст.

At an English Language School

Mark Bibi is a teacher of English in one of the colleges in Britain. He works in a residential college. It means that students live and eat here. Students come here from various countries. The whole college have breakfast from eight o’clock to nine o’clock. The basic lessons start at nine o’clock.

The lessons are an hour and a half long. At half past ten the students have coffee, and the coffee break is half an hour. Then they start again at eleven o’clock for an hour and a half. Lunch is from twelve thirty to two o’clock. And then they get involved into class activities from two o’clock till three thirty.

After classes the students are not bored. They can study in the learning centre, play volleyball or football, have aerobics or do athletics in the gym. They can improve their health here.

In their spare time they can paint or go to the jazz club. It is located near the college. Students can have entertainment in college. They watch videos or television. Students can go out to the cinema or to the restaurant. Many students have their hobbies.

Are the sentences true or false?

Верны или не верны данные предложения?

1. Students don’t study here.

2. After lunch the students have lessons.

3. After classes the students always go out.

4. Students can go to the gym.

5. Students don’t have spare time.

6. You can watch television in college.

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