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1. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Are you going to start a new life? Why/Why not?

2. What are you going to buy next week?

3. What will you be able to cook tonight?

4. What are you going to plant in your garden?

5. Will you be able to drive a long way from home today?

6. Are you going to learn how to drive?

7. Are you going to travel in summer? Where will you be able to go?

8. Are you going to be very busy next week?

9. When are you going to have a holiday?

10. Will you be able to study English next year?

2. Read and complete the conversation. Try to learn the dialogue.

Прочитайтедиалог. Вставьте реплики по смыслу. Постарайтесь выучить диалог.

A. But you can’t drive.

B. You’re going to start a new life.

C. Are you going to start now, dear?

D. Then, I’m going to get a job.

Husband: I am going to start a new life. Did you hear me?

Wife: Yes, dear.

Husband: What did I say? What am I going to do?

Wife: ………………

Husband: That’s right. And I will be able to do it! First, I’m going to buy some new clothes. ………….. Did you hear me?

Wife: Yes, dear. You are going to get a job. Will you be able to do it?

Husband: Yes. Next, I’m going to buy a car.

Wife: That’s nice. …………………….

Husband: That’s right. I can’t drive now. But I’ll be able to do it. I’m going to learn.

Wife: When are you going to start?

Husband: Start what?

Wife: Your new life. New clothes, job, car. …………………….

Husband: No, not now. There is sport on TV.

3. Speak about your future plans. Use the words.

Расскажите о своих планах на будущее. Используйте данные слова.

Story one: am going to, travel, knowledge, easily, fluently, goal, will be able to, couldn’t, real, apart from, reasonably well.

Story Two: join, skills, different, fix, won’t be able to, am going to, beginners’ class, a long way from, change.

4. Give your reasons.

Скажите, зачем это нужно.

5. Order the speeches.

Расположите реплики по смыслу.

6. Read this text.

Прочитайте текст.

A practical class

Jean is a teacher in California. Josh is one of his students. Jean teaches the students how to fix cars.

His programme is a practical course. They teach people from sixteen through adults.

The courses are located on a High School campus. The programme is vocational because they train people specific skills which they can use in their job.

Josh likes these classes very much because they give real knowledge. They don’t have any textbooks. They just listen and look and then, start their projects.

All the students have their projects on how to fix a car. For example, Josh is going to take a tyre off the car, balance the tyre and put it back.

There are a lot of students who come to join the programme. All of them think that they will be able to fix their cars. It is their goal – and the programme is going to give them this knowledge. But the programme also includes: consumer awareness, communication skills and understanding of how the car works.

A. Retell the text

Перескажите текст

B. Ask five questions about the text

Задайте пять вопросов к тексту

C. Answer the questions

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What programme does Jean teach?

2. Does he have only one student?

3. What is the age of their students?

4. How many textbooks do the students have?

5. How do the students study?

6. What is the students’ goal?

7. What skills does the programme include?

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