: :




1.coffee pot


In the corridor/hall

3.shelf (shelves)


5.cookery ,



8.porter ,


A brochure on cookery


Stone wall

11.bag ,


13.covering ,

14.edge ,

15.hole ,

16.machinery ,

17.power , ,

18.sack ,

19.set ,

20.stone ,

21.shoe ,


23.switch ,










1.to pull ,

2.to push ,

3.to touch ,

4.to store

5.to set ,

6.to turn ()

7.to turn into

8.to cover ,


1.clear ,

2.outwards ,

Word Combinations

1.waiting room ,

2.to turn up the radio

3.to turn down ()

4.to get something -

Have you got it? ( )?

5.to move back ,

6.alarm clock

7.bedside lights

8.main lights

9.in turn ,

10.top floor

11.compact disc -

12.to press the button

13.to work on electricity

14.lawn mower


16.drinks machine

17.shoe polisher


1.Complete the sentences using the words from the Active Vocabulary.

, .

1.If you want to watch TV, you must.

2.He gave me a book on.

3.You shouldnt..

4.This device..

5.First, you must.

6.On the top floor youll be able to see..

7.In winter we have to

8.She had to buy new.

9.Mill workers have to

10.Is it clear that?

2.Fill in the gaps.


3.Make word combinations.


4.Make sentences with the two words given.

, .

5.Translate into English.


Language focus 1


( )

6.Say what things at home ad in your office:

, :

1.are bigger than a coffee-maker;

2.are rectangular;

3.are round;

4.are long and thin;

5.make noise;

6.work on electricity;

7.are made of paper, wood, glass, steel;

8.you enjoy looking at;

9.have buttons/switches;

10.you can sit on.

7.Answer the questions.


1.What equipment do you normally find in the kitchen?

2.What do we use a lawn mower for?

3.How do we use a drinks machine?

4.Which equipment do you use in your office every day?

5.How do you start your computer?

6.How often do you use a parking ticket machine?

7.What things in your house are wooden/glass/steel?

8.How often do you have to change light bulbs?

9.Why do we have to use flash memory?

10.What do you have to do to start a CD/MP3 player?

11.What equipment do you have upstairs/downstairs?

12.Where do you prefer to keep books: in the bookcase or on your desk?

13.When is the heating usually on in your house?

14.What do you use a mobile phone for?

15.How does your camera work?

8.Find the odd word out. Explain your choice.

. .

1.plastic, steel, tree, metal, glass;

2.flash memory, screen, mouse, wires, camera;

3.fax machine, copying machine, lawn mower, computer, standard lamp;

4.ceiling, door, walls, carpet, window;

5.file, bulb, wires, socket, cable;

6.keyboard, phone, camera, bookcase, CD player.

Language focus 2

Booking a hotel room

9.Read the dialogues. Try to roleplay them.

. .


Receptionist: Red Hill Hotel.

James: Good morning. Have you got a room for June, the 17th?

Receptionist: How many nights?

James: For one night.

Receptionist: Would you like a single or a double room?

James: A single one, please.

Receptionist: With a bath?

James: Yes, with a bath. Bed and breakfast, please. How much do I have to pay?

Receptionist: 60 a night, bed and breakfast.

James: Is the room convenient?

Receptionist: It certainly is.

James: OK. Ill take it.


Receptionist: Could you give your name, sir?

James: My name is Brady.

Receptionist: You are the person who booked a single room for June, the 17th?

James: Yes.

Receptionist: Your room will be ready in 5 minutes. Sign this form, please. Could you wait here, sir?

James: It is cold in here. Does the room have central heating?

Receptionist: Yes, sir.

James: How do you turn it up?

Receptionist: This way, sir.

James: Where are the light switches?

Receptionist: They are here, sir.

James: Oh, sorry. Where does this go? Oh, no. There is something wrong with the bulbs. They dont work.

Receptionist: You should press this button, sir.

James: Yes, I see. What time is the breakfast?

Receptionist: Your breakfast is from seven to ten. Enjoy your stay!

James: Thank you.

10.Complete the dialogues.


11.Translate the sentences.


1. .

2. .

3. ?

4. ?

5. ?

6. , - .

7. .

8. ?

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