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1.Answer the questions.


1.Why are stamina and strength very important for peoples lives?

2.What do you do in order to avoid falling ill?

3.Have you ever broken anything (your leg or arm)?

4.What should you do in order to make your body mobile?

5.Why do people sometimes have headache/stomachache/toothache?

6.Why do people sometimes have to call the ambulance?

7.Which sports help us to make the body stronger and more mobile?

8.Can you recollect the most awful accident you have ever met with?

9.When did you fall ill last time? What illness was it?

10.Which sport prizes have you ever received?

2.Now write and speak about these people. Use the Linking words given.

. -.

On the one hand/on the other hand, besides, however, in spite of the fact that, in comparison with,

as opposed to, to begin with, as a result, so, then.

3.Complete the sentences. Try to use the words from the Active Vocabulary.

, .

1.You should measure your desk as..

2.On the one hand, he has never lost, but..

3.He has received lots of medals. Besides,

4.In comparison with her feelings.

5.My shoes are too tight. However,..

6.In spite of the fact that she worries about me,

7.He has just cut his fingers. We should

8.Whats the matter? We have just

9.His wallet is rectangular, but mine.

10.His friends have always supported me, but hers..

4.Read the dialogue and fill in the missing information.


Julia: James, what are you doing?

James: Im measuring my desk?

Julia: Why?


Julia: And how big is your desk?


Julia: And the one in the catalogue you are going to buy?


Julia: Whats it made of?


Julia: Whats it like?


Well, have a look at it. What do you think of it?

Julia: ..

James: Yes, I quite agree.

5.Write in the missing words. Then learn the dialogue.

. .

Has, matter, look out, be careful, better, get up, headache, careful, broken, worry, fell, hospital, doesnt, feel, hurts, gone, stomachache

Mother: Come on, John. Time to

Son: I dontwell.

Mother: Oh, dear. Whats the..?

Son: I have a And my arm And I have . ., Mum! Be. Dont sit there.

Mother: Why not?

Son: I..out of bed last night. Ive..my leg, I think.

Mother: Oh, dear. You should go to.

Son: No, Ill be all right. But I cant go to school today.

Mother: Dont John. You can stay in bed all day. Today is Saturday. There is no school today, John!

Son: Its all right, Mum. My headache..gone. My armhurt. My stomachache has.. And my leg is I think Ill get up now.

6.Read the dialogue and try to learn it.


Rachel: Ive done it! Ive done it!

Julia: What is it?

Rachel: I have just won a holiday. For two. To Italy!

Julia: Rachel, look out!....Are you all right? Are you OK?

Rachel: I dont know. Ive broken my leg, I think.

Julia: Now, dont worry. Which leg is it?

Rachel: This one.

Julia: And where does it hurt?

Rachel: There.

Tom: What has happened?

Julia: Its Rachel. She has hurt herself. Has she broken anything?

Tom: Im not sure. I dont think so. But dont move her. She should go to hospital. Ill call an ambulance.

(after an hour) Rachel has hurt her leg but she hasnt broken it.

7.Read this text.


A Dance Class

Mary Evelin teaches dancing in the London School of contemporary dance. She is very much interested in studying the human body and the way it moves. It is relatively difficult as it takes a lot of her time and energy. The majority of her students have already won lots of prizes in their dancing career.

Mary has always loved to watch dancing. She finds it fascinating because it is something which crosses all barriers. It is often called the language of dance. It is a way of communicating emotion or feelings, stories without having to use words.

She thinks that strength is very important to the dancer and stamina. Dancers have a lot of work to do in order to make their body mobile. Thats to make the arms, the legs, the head move freely, and to have control over the different parts of the body. Isolation in dance is very important. It is crucial that the dancer learns to use all the different parts of the body in separation from each other. So that, for instance when the whole of the body is still, they could move just a hand from the wrist, or just a head, just a shoulder. Each part of the body must be mobile.

A. Retell the text.


B. Complete the sentences.


In spite of the fact that Mary likes dancing, she

Dancing takes a lot of her time. Besides,

In comparison with, dancing..

She is a very good teacher, as she..

She has already practiced a lot, so she

On the one hand, dancers have to make their body mobile, but on the other hand.

Dancing is very difficult. But however,.

C. Ask five questions about the text.


D. Answer the questions.


1.How does Mary study the human body?

2.Why does she love dancing?

3.Have her students become good dancers yet?

4.What is the language of dance?

5.What is very important for the dancer to be able to do?

6.Why is isolation in dance very important?

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