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1.Answer the questions about yourself.


1.How do you prefer to keep fit?

2.What do you usually do to relax?

3.What kinds of sport do you do?

4.What kinds of sport did you do 10/15/20 years ago? Why dont you do them now?

5.Why is it important to go in for sport?

6.What kinds of sport do you avoid and why?

7.Which kinds of sport are popular at the moment and why?

8.Do you sometimes spend your weekend on going fishing/boating/rafting, etc.?

9.Do you prevent your children from doing some sports? Why?

10.How much do you usually spend on your sport activities?

2.Complete the sentences. Speak about your sport activities. Refer to the kinds of sport given below.

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Bicycle riding/cycling, outdoor games (football, volleyball, mini-ball, golf, cricket, etc.), boating, rafting, dancing, athletics, aerobics, shaping, body-building, wrestling, water-polo, swimming, sailing, boxing, running, high/long jump

1.I usually avoid .because.

2.I am proud of doing.because..

3.My son gave upbecause.

4.I cant help doingbecause..

5.I had to..and it

6.I am tired of.as it

7.My wife is very much fond of.as it

8.My son is bored with.as.

9.It is worth while doingas

10.I think I wont be able to..as

3.Make up correct questions.


1.I was proud of attracting her attention.


2.It took me three months to learn to cycle.

How long..

3.I will have to get off at the next stop.


4.I thanked him for paying for my sport lesson.


5.He was engaged in doing athletics.


6.I cant afford doing sailing as it is very expensive.


7.He will be bored with doing nothing.


8.She apologized for running badly.


9.I cant help buying a weekly ticket.


10.In total I had to change three times.


4.Make up two stories about some sport activities people do/did. Use all the words given below.

, - . .

Story One

Attraction, be bored with, reduction, truck, be interested in, keep, in total, cycling, fascinating, apologize for, start, fresh air, adult, prevent from

Story Two

High summer, length, canoe, be accused of, be proud of, afford, section, depth, speed limit, overland, lock, give up, object to

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