: :




1.situation ,


Good luck

No luck


To tell the truth


To meet with an accident



To change ones mind





11.engine ,


13.report ,

To make a report


Wedding party

15.fire ,

To catch fire


To receive an invitation



To make a speech

19.fortune , ,

To tell the fortune

20.cloud ,

A cloud on ones happiness , -

21.shot , ( )








4.individual ,


6.unlucky ,



1.to remember

2.to memorize

3.to recollect

4.to burn (burnt, burnt) ,

5.to climb ,

6.to catch (caught, caught) ,

7.to drop

8.to fill

9.to grab

10.to hang (hung, hung)

11.to snatch ,

12.to splutter , ( )

13.to go wrong

14.to expect

15.to find

to find out/to discover ,




3.for/since /

Word Combinations

1.wedding ring

2.rear lights ()

3.to look around

4.towards the fire

5.to fight an attic fire

6.to make entry into the house

7.to back out

8.to come down the stairs

8.a case in point

1.Match the word with the translation.


2.Make word combinations.


3.Give explanation. What do these words and word combinations mean?


Example: a professional shot

It is a shot made by a professional photographer.

1.to catch fire


2.a cloud on ones happiness


3.a case in point


4.to meet with an accident


5.to change ones mind








4.Translate into English.


5.Make up the sentences of your own using the following words.

, .

1.unfortunately, neighbour, report


2.accident, catch, serious


3.splutter, climb


4.find out, change my mind


5.recollect, invitation, drop


6.towards, burn


7.memorize, engine


8.entry, cause


Language focus 1

The Use of Articles

(a/an) :

1. - , .

Please, give me a cassette.

2. (any) .

A child should study well.

3. , .

My friend is an engineer.

4. one.

I have bought an apple today.

: music, paper, weather, hair, money, knowledge, advice, news, traffic, luggage, information, water, etc.

(the) :

1. , , , .

Please, give me the book you have bought today.

2. , .

Measure the desk, please.

3. .

We have just received a telegramme. The telegramme was extremely important.

4. .

The Earth goes round the Sun.

The captain must be on deck.

6.Fill in the correct articles where necessary.

, .

1.We have just receivedinvitation. is rather unexpected.

2.My father is..photographer.

3.photographer should use.professional equipment.

4.Please, give me.briefcase you have just measured.

5...advice you gave me was very important.

6..director signs all the important reports.

7.Dont come close to..fire which is burning there.

8.This month I have bought..mobile phone. phone is rather expensive.

9...Moon is smaller than .Earth.

10.Could you give me ..pen, please?

7.Complete the sentences.


Show me the.

I am writing a...

My neighbour is a....

Dont touch the


Please, take the.


8.There are five mistakes in these sentences. Find and correct them.


1.The reception was very nice. I met a colleagues. The colleagues told me about a wedding of their manager which happened last month.

2.I have got a neighbour. The neighbour has a serious illness.

3.My father is a firefighter. He climbs the houses to fight different fires.

4.I have just received a new information about the car engine.

5.Bentley and I have already bought wedding rings. The rings are made of gold.

6.My father fell asleep and dropped a book.

7.Last year we bought wooden furniture for the kitchen.

Language focus 2

The Use of Article the with Geographical names

1. , ,

The Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the River Amazon, the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile, The Red Sea, the Suez Canal.

2. , , , .

The Bahamas, the British Isles, the Alps, the Andes, the Rocky Mountains, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United States.

3. , : /i>Republic, Kingdom, States, etc.

The United Kingdom (the UK), the Dominican Republic.

4. , , , , , of.

The Station Hotel, the Bombay Restaurant, the Palace Theatre, the Odeon (Cinema), the British Museum, the Tate Gallery

The Bank of England, the Houses of Parliament, the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Wall of China.

1. , , , , , .

Africa, Europe, South America, France, Japan, Texas, Cornwall, Corsica, Sicily, Cairo, New York, Everest, Kilimanjaro.

2. , , , .

Fifth Avenue, Broadway, Times Square, Hyde Park.

3. , () .

Victoria Station, St Pauls Cathedral.

4. .

Fiat, Sony, Kodak, British Airways.

5. , Mount Lake.

Mount Everest (the Everest), Lake Baikal (the Baikal).

9.Fill in the article where necessary.

, .

1.Everest was first climbed in 1953.

2. Africa is much larger than.Europe.

3.Milan is in..north of Italy.

4...Hyde Park is a large park in London.

5.We flew to Moscow from.. Kennedy Airport.

6.You should go to.. Science Museum.

7.Have you ever been to.British Museum?

8..United Kingdom consists of .Great Britain and.. Northern Island.

9..Chicago is on.Lake Michigan.

10.Next year we are going skiing inSwiss Alps.

11.Last year I visited Mexico and.United States.

12.River Volga flows into Caspian Sea.

13.We decided to go camping to.. Lake Superior.

14. Seychelles are a group of islands in Indian Ocean.

15.There are a lot of resorts in.. Mediterranean.

16.Grand Hotel is in Baker Street.

17.John is working for..IBM now. He has stopped working forBritish Telecom.

18.Id like to go to.. China and seeGreat Wall of China.

19.We are going to the cinema tonight, to.Classic.

20.When we were in Egypt, we went to Sahara Desert.

10.Make up 10 sentences about your life. Take the words.

10 . .

The Bolshoi Theatre, the Museum of Modern Art, Turkey, Sony, Trafalgar Square, the Red Sea, Lake Baikal, the north of Russia, the Nile, the Caspian Sea, London











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