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Language focus 1

The Present Perfect Tense (more practice)

( )

, for since.

He has lived here for 5 years. () 5 .

He has lived here since 2001. 2001 .


How long has he lived here? () ?

, :

Last year, last month, three years ago, in the past, at 6 oclock, When.

He finished his work at 5.

He lived here 5 years ago.

When did he measure the desk?

this morning, this evening, today, , .

He has drunk three cups of tea this morning. ( )

He drank three cups of tea this morning. (, )

1.Put these sentences into the Present Perfect and Past Simple Tenses


2.Ask How long questions.

, How long.

1.My brother has lived in Sweden since 1876.


2.He has taken photos since he left school..


3.Everything has been wrong for 5 years.


4.They have loved each other for two years.


5.Her neighbour has worked for this company since he got a diploma.


6.Denis Shevchuk has repaired the car brakes since early morning.


7.They have been the cause of her illness for the last 2 years.


3.Answer the questions. Use since and for each time.

, since for .

1.How long have you known your neighbours?

2.How long has he lived in this wooden house?

3.How long have you worked for the same company?

4.How long have you had your wedding ring?

5.How long have you been a serious person?

6.How long has he had good luck?

7.How long has he expected her to come?

8.How long have you been a photographer?

4.Fill in the correct verb form (Past Simple or Present Perfect).

( ).

1.The scientists (to discover)..this island this year.

2.When (to receive).theythis invitation card?

3.How long (to be).hein this situation?

4.He (to tell)never..me about this case in point.

5.This summer we (to decide)to organize a reception.

6.The wooden house (to burn)alreadycompletely.

7. (to be)he everto that far-away country?

8.They (to know)about his report since Monday.

9.I have no money. I (to spend)it.

10.The house has caught fire.

When (to happen).it.?

Language focus 2

Conditional sentences of Type I

, , . if.

(1 ), (2 ), (3 ).

, ( if) .


, .

If you tell him about it, Ill never come to see you again

, .

If he doesnt buy wedding rings, Ill have to do it myself.

, , when, as soon as ( ), before, after.

, .

When he comes, give him my report.

, .

Go towards the house as soon as it starts raining.

, .

Before you climb the stairs to the attic, close the door.

5.Complete the sentences.


1.If he looks around,

2.If he drops the book,.

3.If it causes me a lot of problems,..

4.Hell burn all the documents if..

5.Youll catch a cold if.

6.If he loses his wedding ring,..

7.I wont be able to recollect this information if..

8.If she hurts her leg,

9.If he meets with an accident,.

10.If he doesnt repair the rear lights,..

6.Answer the questions.


1.What will you do if you lose your documents?

2.What will you do if you meet with a car accident?

3.What will you do if your neighbours listen to loud music?

4.What will you do if your house catches fire?

5.How will you help your cat if she climbs a tree?

6.How will you feel if everything goes wrong?

7.Will you be able to sleep without a blanket if it is cold?

8.If you have a wedding party, who will you send invitations to?

9.What will you tell your husband if he loses his wedding ring?

10.What will you do if your car brakes dont work?

7.Continue the story.



If I win a lot of money, Ill..

If I, ..





If I meet a very handsome and intelligent man, Ill

If I, ..



8.Translate into English.


1. , .


2. , .


3. , .


4. , .


5. , , .


6. , .


7. , .


8. , .


9. , .


10. , .


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