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She is a receptionist.




The design of the car is very interesting.


Tell me about British customs.




the reason for his absence


London has many sights.




Id like to see the exhibition of flowers.


14.city centre

I live in the city centre.





Limited company


3.strange ,


People there are friendly.


It is a modern programme.


The text is very simple.


1.to carry

to carry luggage

2.to get to the cinema / place

3.to show

He can show various sights.

4.to study ,

I study at school.

5.to travel

I like to travel to various countries.

6.to send ()

I send letters to my sister.

7.to sleep

8.to call ,

Call me Susan.

9.to go to bed

Word Combinations

1.Id like you to meet

Id like you to meet my wife.

2.Nice to meet you.


3.Pleased to meet you.


4.over there

5.Would you like me to help you? , ?

1.Match the word with the translation.


2.Make word combinations.


3.Complete the sentences with the words.


Sights, exhibition, show, modern, Underground, friendly, churches, artist, travel, carry, study, reason, customs, simple, call, design.

1.People in this town are very.

2.Could you show me the lovely..of this city?

3.I dont like theof this office.

4.I know manyof this country.

5.My friends..in University.

6.I cant..that luggage.

7.What is the.for your behaviour ()?

8.The..system is new in this city.

9.These texts are very. We can read them.

10.I dont know this Where is he from?

11.Theof old Chinese books is great.

12.I cant..in Europe. It is very expensive.

13.Could you..them the way to the city centre?

14.You can see many old.in the centre of London.

15.Please, ..me Susan.

16.I dont understand thiswriter.

4.Translate into English.


1. .

2. ?

3. .

4. , .

5. .

6. .

7. .

8. ?

9. .

10. .

5.Write your own sentences with the words given.







6.Write one General and one Special question to each sentence.


Example: The customs are interesting.

Are the customs interesting? Which customs are interesting?

1.I can carry this luggage.....

2.This museum is lovely.....

3.I can get there by Underground.

4.Their guests can study at school.

5.Those shops are very expensive.

6.We can see various sights.

7.That art is very strange.

8.She is a receptionist in a limited company.

9.We can travel at the weekend.

Language focus 1

Prepositions of direction

7.Translate the sentences.


1.My children come home from school at two oclock.

2.I go to my friends by Underground every day.

3.Put these documents into the box, please.

4.Take these books out of the box.

5.We travel from France to Britain every week.

6.Come into the room, Alice.

7.Take our children out of the bath.

8.We get home from the museum by bus.

8.Complete the gaps with a suitable preposition taking it from the Box.

, .

Out of, from, to, into, behind, in, on, under, at, with.

1.I cant see my car in front of the house. Is itthe house?

2.I walk.my children every day.

3.Take the presents..this box, please.

4.They come home from work.. eight oclock.

5.I like to call various peoplethe evening.

6.Goyour grandmother and help her carry luggage.

7.Put this luggage..the car, please.

8.Look.the bridge. Can you see it in the water?

9.Can you see a modern computerthe table?

10.This shop is.the city centre.

9.Match the word combinations with their translations.


Language focus 2

Verbs and prepositions

Look at Look at the table, look at the window

Look for (-) Look for a present, look for friends

Listen to -, - Listen to your friends, listen to music

Speak to / with - Speak to the boss, speak with him

Speak ( ) Speak English, speak French

Show - Show me your cassette, show them their house

Meet - Meet me in Paris, meet us there

Get up ( ) Get up at seven oclock, get up in the morning

Get to - Get to London, get to the museum

Travel to - Travel to China, travel to the East

Work for (a company) ( ) Work for a big company, work for McHolland

Watch (-) Watch a TV show, watch a play

Play ( -, ) Play hockey, play football, play the guitar, play the piano

Give (-) Give me your pen, give them the luggage

10.Write your own sentences with the verbs.

Look at

Look for

Listen to

Speak to / with




Get up

Get to

Travel to

Work for




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