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Language focus 1

The Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense


() , . -: , , , , , , . . : . .

s / es. .

, , es, [iz]. do go, does ( [daz]) goes [gouz].

have. has.

y , y i, es: She carries (to carry). : She buys (to buy y ).


3 .

He watches TV every evening.

She does it every day.

She goes to school in the morning.

He lives in Moscow.

It has three legs.

My wife works for this company.

She copies this text every day.

They watch TV every evening.

Their friends do it every day.

The children go to school in the morning.

I live in Moscow.

The tables have three legs.

We work for this company.

You copy this text every day.







Every year / day / month / week / / /


She goes to work every day.

My brother seldom plays tennis.

My husband usually buys newspapers.

I never speak to them.

He always studies foreign languages.

We travel every month.

1.Write in the verbs in the correct form.


2.Read and translate the sentences. Pay attention to the forms of the verbs.

. .

1.She often relaxes in the evening. .

2.David cooks dinner every day. .

3.It has a big door. .

4.Don buys new books every week. .

5.She seldom goes to the city centre. .

6.He never visits museums. .

7.Sally often travels to the South. .

8.They meet friends every morning. .

9.I seldom watch modern shows. .

10.He gets up at seven every day. .

11.He always carries her luggage. .

12.This receptionist never helps me. .

13.We usually have lunch here. .

14.She does it every year. .

15.He usually goes to work at eight. .

3.Complete the sentences. Pay attention to the forms of the verbs.

. .

Example: She often.

She often cooks dinner.

1.He seldom..

2.They never.

3.Pat usually.

4.Every year we

5.Sheevery day.

6.It often..

7.My friends always.

8.Every month Cathy

9.His wife often

10.I never..

4.There is one mistake in each sentence. Find and correct it.


1.She buies bananas every week. ..

2.Their children goe to school every morning. ..

3.She watchs TV every evening. ..

4.Your sister relaxees every week. ..

5.We cook often pizza. ..

6.Ann go to work every day. ..

7.My mother haves three children. ..

8.He studys German at achool. ..

5.Translate the sentences into English.


1. . ..

2. . ..

3. . ..

4. . ..

5. . ..

6. . ..

7. . ..

8. (by car)..

9. . ..

Language focus 2

The Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense

General and Special Questions


, do does . , s / es, does. s es .


She plays tennis.

Does she play tennis? ?

He goes to work every day.

Does he go to work every day? ?

( s / es) do.


They often listen to modern music.

Do they often listen to modern music?

You travel every year.

Do you travel every year?

, do does.

Do you travel every year? Yes, I do.

Does she like the museum? Yes, she does.

, do does.

She lives in London. Does she live in London? She doesnt (does not) live in London.

They meet every week. Do they meet every week? They dont (do not) meet every week.

, :

+ ++ ?


7.Ask General Questions. Give negative answers.

. .

Example: He always gives her presents. Does he always give her presents? He doesnt always give her presents.

1.They speak French every day.

2.He often studies in the evening.

3.She has a modern computer.

4.My sister calls me Dan.

5.The receptionist usually works with documents.

6.He likes modern art.

7.My friends seldom visit museums.

8.We often send letters to our friends.

8.Complete the questions.


1.Does she..?

2.Does your friend.?

3.Do they?

4.Do you.?

5.Do your guests.?

6.Does the artist..?

7.Does your husband..?

8.Do your children.?

9.Match the questions with the answers.


10.Read the questions and translate them. Underline the auxiliary verb.

. .

1.Where do they buy modern programmes?.

2.Why do they live in the city centre?..

3.When does he visit this exhibition? ..

4.With whom do they study English?...

5.Do they know various customs?....

6.When does this shop work? .

7.When does she send letters?..

8.What does she always show the guests?

9.How do you get to that bridge?.

10.Where does he travel every year?

11.Ask one General and one Special question.


Example: My sister travels to the east every year.

Does my sister travel to the east every year?

Where does my sister travel every year?

1.Dan drives a car very well.

2.They often see this bridge.

3.They study simple things.

4.We like this receptionist.

5.Denis Shevchuk calls me every day.

6.I send her letters every week.

7.He shows them the Underground.

12.Give negative answers.


1.Can you visit this church?

2.Do you often visit this church?

3.Does she always visit this church?

4.Do they like the modern museum?

5.Is this a modern museum?

6.Are these modern museums?

7.Can you see a modern museum in the city centre?

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