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The Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense (more practice)

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1.Complete the sentences with the Adverbs of Time (often, always, never, usually, seldom, sometimes, every day / year / month / week).

- (, , , , , , / / / ).

1.He contacts with pleasant people.

2.We live in the natural environment.

3.She rents a furnished flat.

4.They locate the electrical power station there.

5.They move flats.

6.They buy available furniture.

7.You see ducks in the downtown.

8.He changes his lifestyle.

9.The children relax in the playroom.

2.Write in the verbs in the correct form.


I (not to contact).

The flat (to have)

She (to enjoy)..

David (not to rent)..

The room (not to have)..

Sandra (not to move).

You (to show).

He (not to relax)

People (not to prefer)

They (to enjoy)..

We (not to live).

Nat (to do)..

They (to stay)....

She (not to think)

3.Translate the sentences into English.


1. . ..

2. . ..

3. . ..

4. . ..

5. . ..

6. . ..

7. . ..

8. . ..

4.Complete the questions.


1.Does the flat...?

2.Does your friend.?

3.Do they?

4.Do you.?

5.Do your guests.?

6.Does the artist..?

7.Does your husband..?

8.Do your children.?

5.Ask one Special question and answer it.


Example: The house has a balcony.

How many balconies does the house have?

The house has one balcony.

1.She rents a big furnished flat.

2.She relaxes in the bathroom.

3.They contact with their French guests.

4.We locate the gas line further from the house.

5.They enjoy skiing in winter.

6.I show her the pretty features of my flat.

7.He goes fishing to his preferred lake.

Language focus 2

Types of Questions

5 :






: do, does, am, are,is, can .. , , . . .

: Do they go swimming every day?

Does she live in a flat?

Can they stay here?

. , , . : + .

: Why do they go swimming every day?

Where does she live?

When can they stay here?

who what . ( , , is, are, am, can). .

: Who goes swimming every day? ( : , : .)

Who lives in a flat?

Who can stay here?

, or . .

: Do they go swimming or fishing every day?

Does she live in a house or in a flat?

Can they or we stay here?

: , : ?

, ( ) . , ( ) .

: They go fishing every day, dont they? , ?

They dont go fishing every day, do they?

She lives in London, doesnt she?

She doesnt live in London, does she?

We can stay here, cant we?

We cant stay here, can we?

6.Ask General Questions. Give negative answers.

. .

Example: He lives in a furnished flat. Does he live in a furnished flat? He doesnt live in a furnished flat.

1.They seldom stay in London.

2.He can enjoy natural environment.

3.Alice prefers relaxing lifestyle.

4.This double bed is available.

5.These fireplaces are modern.

6.Electrical power is very expensive there.

7.My guests prefer freedom.

8.She rents a house with a gas line.

7.Read the sentences and General Questions to them. Then write a Special Question to each.

. .

8.Make up the Who-questions.


1.Who / contact / different people?

2.Who / like / listen / rock music?

3.Who / get up / six oclock?

4.Who / can / rent / modern / cottage?

5.Who / is / balcony?

6.Who / prefer / furnished flats?

9.Complete the Alternative Questions.


1.Does she live.?

2.Do they contact.?

3.Can you.?

4.Is the flat?

5.Are the bridges..?

6.Am I..?

7.Would you like to.?

10.Match the halves of the Tag-questions.


11.Read the questions and translate them. Underline the auxiliary verb.

. .

1.Where do you want to rent a flat?...

2.Is their lifestyle different?..

3.Who contacts those managers? ..

4.Would you like to buy or to rent a house?.

5.Do they go skiing every weekend?....

6.The meeting is pleasant, isnt it? ..

7.Does he move to Japan or to India?...

8.Who often stays in the hotel?.

9.How much furniture do you buy?..

10.They dont locate the kitchen here, do they?..

12.Make up 5 questions to each of the sentences (one question of each type).

( ).

1.Sam has a big garage.

2.The downtown is lovely.

3.They can change their lifestyle.

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