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Language focus 1

The Past Simple (Indefinite) Tense (more practice)

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1.Put these sentences into the Present Continuous and Past Simple Tenses.


Example: He prepares application forms every day.

He is preparing an application form now.

He prepared an application form last month.

2.Ask General and Special Questions.


1.We had electricity and central heating on the farm.



2.The waiter served us very well in that restaurant.



3.He got a diploma in architecture last month.


What diploma?

4.Her choice was extremely rewarding.


Whose choice.?

5.The twins came to their parents without any news.



6.They studied this subject at the age of ten.


At what age.?

7.They ordered a lot of delicious food.



3.Write a short story in the Past. Use the words given.

, .

A. born, date, month, primary school, grandmother, parents, develop, get, extremely rewarding, subjects.

B. application form, interview for a job, choice, extremely difficult, diploma, news, congratulations.

C. restaurant, waiter, order, gravy, roast, enough, hungry, plain water, enjoy, delicious meal.

4.Study some more Irregular Verbs.


To break-broke

To buy-bought

To bring-brought [bro: t]

To drink-drank

To drive-drove

To eat-ate

To give-gave

To leave-left

To make-made

To meet-met

To put-put

To say-said [sed]

To sell-sold

To send-sent

To speak-spoke

To teach-taught [to: t]

To tell-told

To think-thought

To understand-understood

To write-wrote

Put these stories into Past.


A. I always go to the same restaurant at the weekend. I drive my car there. I always leave my car at the entrance. The porter says Good evening to me. I take the table at the window. They always serve fresh tasty food there. I drink red wine and eat roast and marinated vegetables. For dessert they bring cakes and then ice-cream. Nothing special butthis is just what I want.

B. My mother is a primary school teacher and I understand her choice very well. She meets new people all the time. And she makes them feel happy. She teaches very small children. It is difficult but extremely rewarding. She thinks very much about her job. In the evening she tells us a lot about her little students. Sometimes she speaks to the kids parents or sends notes to them.

Language focus 2

The Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives

, : , .



( r y) er est ( the).

Cheap cheaper t he cheapest

Happy happier the happiest


( ): big bigger the biggest.

e : nice nicer the nicest.

, , , more the most.

Expensive more expensive the most expensive

Useful more useful the most useful

, :

Good better the best

Bad worse the worst

5.Form the degrees of comparison of adjectives.


Strange -

Interesting -


Bad -

Fresh -

Smal l-

Cold -

Comfortable -

Tired -

Wet -

Hot -

Beautiful -

Healthy -

Important -

Long -

6.Make up your own sentences with the adjectives.

: longer

This way is longer than that one.

the longest

That way is the longest (of all three).

more comfortable




more relaxing


the biggest


the most expensive


the worst


the most stressful





7.Translate into Russian. Pay special attention to the articles.

. .

A better teacher, the best teacher, a more expensive area, more important post, the most interesting meeting, a worse soccer match, the worst food, better food, a better holiday, the most comfortable flight, the oldest castle, a hotter day, a more interesting subject, more interesting subjects, the worst choice, a bigger part, the most important year.

8.Translate into English.


1. .


2. .


3. .


4. .


5. .


6. , (mine).


7. , .


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