Книга: Английский язык: самоучитель



1. Answer the questions about yourself.

Ответьте на вопросы о себе.

1. How do you get to your office?

2. Where do you keep your car?

3. Is your town attractive for tourists?

4. What sights can tourists see in your town?

5. Are you fond of traveling?

6. Where are the shopping centers in your town?

7. Where can tourists stay?

8. Do you know the way to the hospital?

9. Which is the shortest way to the market?

10. Is it easy to use a car in your town?

2. Make up some true sentences about your town. Use the adjectives given.

Составьте несколько предложений о своем городе. Используйте данные прилагательные.

Bigger, more interesting, very useful, the most expensive, more attractive, worse, easier, the best, the most delicious, the smallest, older, more beautiful, comfortable, more modern.

Example: The supermarket in Pushkin Street is bigger than the one in Gorky Street.

3. Complete the story. Use all the verbs given in their past forms.

Закончитерассказ. Используйтеглаголыto buy, to see, to speak, to come, to eat, to take, to meet, to get, to think, to tell, to sell в форме прошедшего времени.

A Tourist in London

It was her first visit to London. She read so much about this city. She learnt to speak the language of the people who lived there. But what she saw with her own eyes was really great!

Anita left Victoria Station and went to the city centre, the so-called Square Mile…

4. Ask Special Questions.

Составьте специальные вопросы к следующим предложениям.

1. She left the secondary school when she was sixteen.

2. We are studying this subject at the moment.

3. Her choice was extremely rewarding.

4. He got a diploma in business management.

5. He serves his clients very well.

6. They ordered roast meat in the restaurant.

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