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1. Read the list of activities. What do you usually do on weekdays and at the weekend?

Прочитайте список действий. Скажите, что Вы обычно делаете по выходным, а что – в будни?

To get up early/late

To walk with younger children

To cook different dishes

To watch different TV channels

To play the piano/the guitar

To use the computer

To go out (to concerts, the cinema or the theatre)

To see friends

To go to an exercise class

To go sailing

To wash the dishes

To dress up

To cook the barbecue

To wear jeans

To get together with your family

2. Fill in your organizer for the last week and for the next week. Use one verb once

Составьте план своей прошлой недели и план на будущую неделю. Используйте один глагол только один раз.

3. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Do you get up early or late on weekdays?

2. Do you always stay at home on Fridays?

3. How often does your wife cook something tasty?

4. Do you go out twice a month?

5. How do you usually spend your evening?

6. How often do you buy new clothes?

7. Do you like to cook the barbecue? Where?

8. Do you try to be with your family at the weekend?

9. How did you spend the last weekend?

10. What will your children do next week?

4. Make up dialogues putting the sentences in the right order.

Составьте диалоги, расставив предложения в логическом порядке.

5. Close the English variant on the right. Translate the dialogues on the left. Check yourself.

Закройте вариант английского перевода, данный справа. Переведите диалоги, данные слева. Проверьте вариант своего перевода.

Read the dialogues and try to remember them.

Прочитайте диалоги и постарайтесь их выучить.

6. Read this text.

Прочитайте текст.

A weekend with the Wheeler family

Mark and Sylvie Wheeler live in a big house in California. They have got four children. At the weekend they do a lot of things around the house. They garden quite a bit. They play basketball on the basketball court.

Their son Christopher is fourteen. At the weekends he goes out a lot with his friends, on Friday or Saturday nights. Sometimes he goes to the cinema or just to other people’s houses and watches videos.

There are just two seasons there: winter and summer. Because autumn, winter and spring are very much the same.

But summer is different. In summer on Saturday afternoon they crank up the barbecue. And that is their meal. They like it. They never miss it. In summer it gets very hot and sometimes they just want to be outside, not inside.

Summertime activities are usually involved around the children’s sports. Their youngest son plays Little League – that is baseball. There are a lot of little boys who take the game very seriously. They are all dressed up in their uniforms.

A. Retell the text.

Перескажите текст.

B. Ask five questions about the text.

Задайте пять вопросов к тексту.

C. Complete the sentences.

Дополните предложения.

At the weekend the Wheeler family like …

Christopher enjoys …

There are just two seasons because …

On Saturday afternoon they …

Their youngest son …

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