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1. Read these sentences. Underline the words from the Active Vocabulary. Close your eyes. How many sentences can you recollect?

Прочитайте предложения и подчеркните новые слова урока. Закройте глаза и постарайтесь вспомнить как можно больше из данных предложений.

1. Obviously, he is going to reconfirm his itinerary abroad.

2. I can’t decide where I will check in my luggage.

3. I won’t be able to sort out this problem in a great hurry.

4. He returned to the non-smoking section of the plane.

5. This itinerary in Asia is more pleasant than that one.

6. He prefers to fly long distances First Class.

7. She came into contact with various passengers.

8. He decided to fly non-stop.

9. For the most part when he was in Europe he spoke German.

10. The baby made his first step.

2. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Do you prefer to travel by plane or by train? Why?

2. Do you prefer to fly non-stop? Why?

3. Do you buy plane tickets at a travel agent’s?

4. Do you always pack your luggage in a great hurry?

5. Do you often come into contact with other passengers?

6. Do you like to travel abroad? Where to?

7. What itineraries do you prefer?

8. What service do you usually get on board the plane?

9. What is the goal of your trips?

10. How do you usually get to the airport?

3. Speak about Julia’s trip. Use the verbs in the past tense.

Расскажите о путешествии Джулии. Постройте свой рассказ в прошедшем времени и поставьте глаголы в прошедшее время.

4. Put Tom’s speeches in the right place. Try to learn the dialogue.

Вставьте в диалог реплики Тома. Постарайтесь выучить диалог.

5. React to the suggestions. Use the following adjective forms.

Ответьте на данные предложения. Используйте следующие формы прилагательных.

More pleasant, nicer, less expensive, better, faster, worse, more interesting, less dangerous

1. Shall we go by plane or by train?

2. Let’s go to Asia this year.

3. Would you prefer o visit this place?

4. Let’s travel First Class.

5. Shall I cook chicken or beef?

6. Let’s go out tonight.

7. Shall I drive?

6. Read this text.

Прочитайте текст.

Sherry McGonegle at San Jose Airport

Sherry works for the company American Airlines. She issues plane tickets at San Jose airport in California. Here she tells us about her job.

A passenger will step up and speak to her. He will tell her which flight he wants, what ticket he intends to buy. Then, she can issue the ticket at the ticket counter. She can also reconfirm their itinerary for the round trip, check in their luggage and make sure they are satisfied with their seat selection.

The airlines offer three classes of service: Coach Class, which is the economy class, Business Class, which is better than Coach Class. They can also offer First Class, which is the premium class, and the best way to travel.

Passengers can buy a one way ticket or a return one. They can travel in the morning, afternoon and evening and even – at night. For the most part, flights are non-stop.

Sherry thinks that each transaction with a passenger is really different. But the job is never boring. Every day she comes into contact with many pleasant people.

A. Retell the text.

Перескажите текст.

B. Ask five questions about the text.

Задайте пять вопросов к тексту.

C. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What’s Sherry’s job?

2. What people does she meet?

3. How does she help them?

4. What classes of service do they offer?

5. How are these classes different?

6. What tickets can the passengers buy?

7. What flights can they choose?

8. What des Sherry think about her job?

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