Книга: Английский язык: самоучитель



1. Answer the questions about yourself.

Напишите ответы на вопросы о себе.

1. Do you like to travel? Why/Why not?

2. Where did you travel last time?

3. Was it a long way from your home?

4. What foreign countries would you like to see?

5. What places are you going to visit there?

6. How are you going to communicate with people in those countries?

7. Is it difficult to choose a place to go?

8. Do you like active rest?

9. Do you like to travel with your family?

10. Will you be able to travel this summer?

2. Make up correct sentences.

Составьте предложения из данных слов.

1. won’t/to/I/speak/fluently/year/be/Japanese/able/next.

2. travel/long/home/summer/we/couldn’t/a/last/way/from.

3. Mike/part/an/took/three/ago/in/exhibition/years/to China.

4. in/spent/Tahiti/well/we/our/reasonably/holidays.

5. your/skills/on/you/improve/going/are/to/communication/holiday?

6. visit/I/not/going/specific/this/am/to/country.

7. dreaming/holidays/the/seaside/I/about/at/am.

Try to recollect as many sentences as possible.

Постарайтесь вспомнить как можно больше предложений из только что составленных.

3. Complete the information chart.

Заполните таблицу.

4. Make up sentences about travelling using the following forms.

Составьте предложения о путешествиях, используя данные формы.

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