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1. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What does the sign no entry mean?

2. When must we give way to other vehicles?

3. On which pieces of road is there no overtaking?

4. What do drivers have to do at the T-junction?

5. Where and when do drivers have to reduce speed?

6. If the brakes don’t work what must the driver do at once?

7. Why is it difficult to park a car in the centre of a city?

8. Do you have to deal with numerous people from numerous walks of life?

9. What do police cater for?

10. Why do we sometimes have to rent a car?

11. What is the most important thing for a learner driver?

2. Agree or disagree. Use different expressions.

Выразите согласие или несогласие. Используйте различные речевые образцы.

1. There are too many cars in the city streets now.

2. The job of a policeman is boring.

3. Police don’t allow agricultural vehicles to drive in city streets.

4. On average every family in Russia has a car.

5. The police cater for all the people they have to deal with.

6. Pedal cyclists can’t ride along the streets of Moscow.

7. People of numerous walks of life use city transport.

3. Speak about some of the places in your town. Say where they are, how you can drive there, what signs you can see on the way there.

Расскажите о некоторых местах в своем городе. Скажите, где они находятся, как можно проехать туда на машине, какие дорожные знаки встречаются на пути.

4. Make up short stories using the words from the Active Vocabulary.

Составьте небольшие рассказы, используя данные слова.

A. to advise, to move, in a hurry, on average, motorway, danger;

B. learner, dangerous, ready, to overtake, agricultural vehicles, varied, to repair;

C. to allow, to give way, pedestrian, numerous, bend, shift, to flow, safe;

D. to hire, to reduce speed, to fill in, motorcycle, to follow advice, crossing, to enter, numerous walks of life.

5. Read the dialogues and try to learn them.

Прочитайте диалог и постарайтесь его запомнить.

I julia: excuse me.

Policeman: Yes, madam?

Julia: Could you tell me the way to South Street, please?

Policeman: Of course. Turn right here. It’s the second on the right.

Julia: Thank you.

Policeman: Oh, madam. You can’t park here.

Julia: But I won’t be long. I’ll only be a few minutes.

Policeman: Sorry, madam. You’ll have to move it. You are parked on a yellow line. And there’s the sign. Look.

Julia: Ten minutes. I’m in a hurry. I have to go back to work.

Policeman: Sorry, madam. You’ll have to use the car park.

Julia: Do I have to use the car park?

Policeman: Yes. This is a No Parking area.

Julia: And where is the car park.

Policeman: It’s not far from here. Turn right, drive along Dane Street and you are there.

II james: good afternoon. is my car ready?

Receptionist: Mr Brady?

James: Yes.

Receptionist: Oh, dear. Bad news, I’m afraid.

James: What is it?

Receptionist: There is something wrong with the brakes. And one of the lights doesn’t work.

James: When will you be able to repair them?

Receptionist: The light is no problem. But the breaks? We won’t be able to repair the brakes before next week, I’m afraid.

James: But I am to drive to Edinburgh tomorrow.

Receptionist: Would you like to rent a car? I’ll give you a special price. Just fill in a form and off you go.

6. Make up your own dialogues using the following phrases.

Составьте свои диалоги, используя следующие фразы.

7. Read this text.

Прочитайте текст.

Mark Hill, a motorway policeman

Mark Hill is a motorway policeman. He works in a very dangerous place – on the motorway M1. He is going to speak about his work. He would also like to tell us who can and who can’t drive on the motorway.

The people who can’t are pedal cyclists, motorcyclists with a certain cc motorcycle, agricultural vehicles and learner drivers.

Policemen work in shifts. There are four shifts a day. The motorway is never safe. There are three or four accidents per shift. When there is an accident, there are three steps the police have to take. First, they must stop the traffic movement on this piece of road. Second, they must cater for any injured people. They must make sure they are safe. Then, they must clear the road as quickly as possible to enable the traffic to flow again.

Mark has a varied working day. He says he deals with numerous people from numerous walks of life. He gives some advice to learner drivers and they follow it.

A. Retell the text.

Перескажите текст.

B. Ask five questions about the text.

Задайте пять вопросов к тексту.

C. Answer the questions.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What’s Mark Hill’s job?

2. What does he think about his job?

3. Who can’t drive on the motorway?

4. Why is the motorway never safe?

5. What do the police do when there is an accident?

6. How many accidents happen a day?

7. Does Mark deal with learner drivers?

8. Why is Mark’s job very important?

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