Книга: Английский язык: самоучитель



1. Answer the questions about yourself.

Напишите ответы на вопросы о себе.

1. How do you get to work?

2. How often do you drive? Do you like it? Why?

3. Which roads are dangerous in your town?

4. Do you fix your car yourself?

5. How often do you have problems with your car?

6. Do you sometimes come into contact with policemen? When and why does it happen?

7. Do you know what your car consists of (what parts)?

8. When did you learn to drive?

9. Who looks after your car?

10. Would you like to buy a bigger/nicer/faster/smaller/more flattering car? Which model?

2. Read the answers. Write the possible questions.

Прочитайте ответы. Напишите возможные вопросы к ним.

3. Write 10 sentences using the adjectives in the Box. Use the structures: as…as, not so…as, too…, …enough, degrees of comparison.

Напишите 10 предложений, используя приведенные прилагательные. Используйте структуры: as…as, not so…as, too…, …enough, а также степени сравнения прилагательных.

Casual, flattering, warm, pleasant, boring, delicious, vocational, difficult, specific, fluent

4. Make up sentences about your family and friends. Use the words given.

Составьте предложения, описывающие вашу семью и друзей. Используйте данные слова.

Example: My friend Tony can fix his car himself.

I myself

My wife herself

My children themselves

My wife and I ourselves

My wife’s mother herself

My friend Alex himself

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