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1. Read these sentences. Underline the words from the Active Vocabulary.

Close your eyes. How many sentences can you recollect?

Прочитайте предложения и подчеркните новые слова урока.

Закройте глаза и постарайтесь вспомнить как можно больше из данных предложений.

1. In the morning I have breakfast at home.

2. This foreign book is very difficult for me.

3. My children come home from school at two o’clock.

4. I would like to see theatres, museums and that sort of thing.

5. Those chairs aren’t cheap, they are very expensive.

6. Where can I listen to classical music?

7. That play is very long and boring.

8. I can meet you in front of the house.

9. My wife can’t work at night.

10. This place is great.

2. Now write and speak about these people.

Напишите и расскажите об этих людях.


At work in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening

Can work at night

A busy man

Would like to buy a new flat


A lovely woman

Can cook well

At home in the evening

Can’t drive

Would like to have three children

Example: The husband is at work ………………………………………………

3. Put these word combinations in the logical order. Then, speak about the day of these people.

Поставьте словосочетания в логическом порядке. Расскажите о том, как проводят свой рабочий день эти люди.

Meet the clients in the afternoon

Go to work

Help children with their homework

Be at work at the office

Get up

Come home

Have toasts for breakfast

Meet friends at home

Have lunch in a cafe

Have dinner

Go to bed

Finish work

Listen to music and relax

David and Clair..…………………………………


4. Now speak about your workday and your weekend. Use the ideas in the table. Add your own ideas.

Расскажите о том, как проходит Ваш рабочий день и о том, как Вы проводите выходные. Используйте слова таблицы и добавляйте свои идеи.

On Workday

Finish work

Start work

Work on the computer

Do English homework

Have lunch at work

Meet your boss

Come home in the evening

Cook dinner

Get up at 6 o’clock

At the Weekend


Meet friends in a bar

Listen to music

Go to the rock-concert

Play football

Play with children

Go to the restaurant

Help children with homework

Read newspapers

5. Make up dialogues putting the sentences in the right order.

Составьте диалоги, расставив предложения в логическом порядке.


It’s O.K.

Good morning, Mr. Lester.

And how about the meeting with Mr. Chakai?

Good morning, David. How is our work?

Oh, it s very difficult to work with him.


Oh. These documents on your desk?

Yes. They are very long and difficult to read.

Could you help me, Mary?

Yes, Susie. What is it?

I can’t understand these documents.


Is she in the office?

Can I see her in the evening?

Could I speak to Fanny, please?

I think, yes.

Yes, Fanny and her husband come home at 8 o’clock.

Yes, please.

Can I come at 9 o’clock, then?

No, I’m sorry. She is not at home.


Here. In front of the window.

Is this your new office, Jane?

Nice. Are these computers new?

There, near the desk.

Yes. Is it lovely?

Yes, they are new. They work very well.

Oh, yes. It is very nice. Where is your desk?

And where is your chair?

6. Read the dialogues and try to remember them.

Прочитайте диалоги и постарайтесь их выучить.


Debora: Excuse me?

Jack: Yes?

Debora: Could you help me, please.

Jack: Of course.

Debora: Can you tell me the way to a shop?

Jack: Yes. We have two shops in this street.

Debora: Are they good?

Jack: They are expensive, but very good.

Debora: That’s O.K. Thank you very much.

Jack: Not at all.


Sam: Alice, could you help me?

Alice: Yes. What is it?

Sam: I would like to go to the theatre with my wife. Where can we see a good play?

Alice: At the Marlow Theatre.

Sam: Is it a new theatre?

Alice: Yes, it is new. But you can see classical plays.

Sam: Great! Is it expensive?

Alice: Not very. But it is a lovely place.

Sam: Thank you, Alice.

Alice: Not at all.

7. Read this text.


Work in David’s life.

My wife and my children don’t understand me. It is very bad, because I understand myself very well. Work is all my life. I work for a TV company. I meet many people and I like them. I’m a TV operator. I start work at seven o’clock in the morning. I work with a camera and three computers. I buy very expensive computer programmes for my camera and my films. It is very interesting. We make computer films about lovely places, foreign countries, cities, towns, that sort of thing.

We have lunch with our TV group in cafes and sandwich bars. For lunch we have cheese sandwiches and coffee. It is cheap.

My workday is long but not boring. I come home from work at nine o’clock in the evening. On my way home I buy a newspaper. I read it after dinner.

My job can’t give me much money. But it is nice because my friends at work are nice.

Are the sentences true or false?

Верны или не верны данные предложения?

1. David would like to get a new job.

2. His workday is long.

3. He can’t work on the computer.

4. He is a TV actor.

5. He can have lunch in cafes and bars.

6. He can get much money.

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