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Language focus 1

The verb can


I can speak French. -.

Can you help me? ?

They cant (can not) read English. -.

Where can I buy this book? ?

1.Write the questions and give negative answers.


Example: She can play tennis.

Can she play tennis? She cant play tennis.

1.My children can speak Spanish. ....

2.My wife can cook very well. ....

3.They can help us with these documents..

4.I can tell you about the office.

5.She can look at him all the time.

6.He can come home at 7 oclock.

7.They can walk in this park.

2.There is one mistake in each sentence. Find and correct it.


1.I cant drive a car, but my brother is can. ..

2.Where I can meet my friend? ..

3.Can they to tell me the way to the park? ..

4.Your sister can play the piano? ..

5.We cannt come home now. ..

6.When can see this play? ..

7.I can work at night, but my wife can. ..

8.He cant to read this boring book. ..

3.Write 10 questions with can using the verbs in the Box.

10 , can .

To listen, to help, to walk, to relax, to meet, to work, to buy, to drive, to finish, to speak.

4.Translate the sentences into English.


1. ? ..

2. . ..

3. . ..

4. ? ..

5. . . ..

6. , . ..

7. ? ..

8. . ..

9. . ..

Language focus 2

Can you / Could you?

Can you / Could you

, Could you . : Can you help me? ? Could you help me? ?

5.Write the full question with Could.

, Could.

1.help me to study

2.play tennis with me

3.watch this play

4.have lunch with me

5.give me your E-mail

6.buy a cake for us

7.live in this flat

6.Write in a suitable question.


Language focus 3



What What can you see in the room? ?

What What is your surname? ?

When When can you meet my friend? ?

Why Why is he here? ?

Where Where are my chairs? ?

Who Who is that man? ?

With whom With whom can you come? ?

How How are you? ?

Whose Whose is this office? ?

7.Read the sentences and translate them. Underline the auxiliary verb.

. .

1.Where can I buy jeans?.

2.Are these chairs new? ..

3.How is your little sister? ..

4.With whom is she at the theatre? ...

5.Are these expensive maps? ..

6.Where can they have dinner? .

7.Who is that man? ..

8.When is he in the USA?

9.Is that our map? .

10.Who can relax in this room?

11.What is your favourite game? .

12.What can I have for lunch? ..

8.Complete the questions.


1.Can they?

2.Where can I...?

3.Who can....?

4.Is that?

5.Where are.?

6.How can I.?

7.When can they..?

8.With whom is?

9.Ask one General and one Special question.


Example: My boss can speak three foreign languages.

Can my boss speak three foreign languages?

Where can my boss speak three foreign languages?

1.The doctor can help me.

2.She is in Moscow now.

3.These places are lovely.

4.I can walk in the park.

5.They can listen to music.

6.I am at home at night.

7.This playroom is large.

8.My wife can cook very well.

9.My brother is married.

10.Those are cheap flats.

10.These are the answers. What are the questions?


1.No, they cant buy these newspapers.

2.Yes, these are our maps.

3.No, I cant drive a bus.

4.He is in the shop.

5.I can come home at nine.

6.My friends are fine.

7.I can.

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